Why Solak & Partners

About Us

Navigating Tomorrow’s Technology: Our Legal Expertise

In the dynamic nexus of Istanbul, our law firm emerges as a pivotal force in legal expertise, dedicated exclusively to the technology sector. Our practice is built on a foundation of profound legal knowledge, acute business acumen, and an unwavering commitment to innovation. We offer a comprehensive array of legal services designed to empower technology enterprises at every stage of their evolution. From protecting intellectual property to facilitating complex mergers and acquisitions or partnerships, navigating regulatory landscapes, helping with day-to-day questions and contracts of our clients, and beyond, our team ensures that our clients stand on the forefront of the digital age, prepared and resilient.

A Tradition of Excellence, A Vision for the Future

Our firm’s legacy is deeply rooted in a thorough understanding of the intricacies and exigencies of the tech industry. We have meticulously crafted our services to provide seamless legal solutions that address the entirety of our clients’ operational and strategic needs. With a keen focus on intellectual property, corporate finance, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution, we empower our clients to navigate legal challenges with confidence. Our approach is holistic and forward-looking, ensuring not just compliance but also competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving global market.

Strategic Partnerships for Global Success

Understanding the interconnected nature of today’s global tech industry, we prioritize a collaborative approach that leverages both our extensive local knowledge and our broad international perspective. This ethos is central to our practice, guiding our mission to offer not merely legal advice, but comprehensive business strategies related to our legal reviews that address the multifaceted challenges of international expansion and competition. Our commitment to innovation extends to our firm culture, promoting continuous learning, adaptability, and an anticipatory stance on legal and technological developments, ensuring we deliver solutions that are as innovative as the clients we serve.

Working on all Required Fields for Technology Players

We provide services mainly on the below areas which we believe cover all requirements for the technology sector players:

1.Corporate, Commercial and Contracts


3.M&A and Partnerships

4.Dispute Resolution

Collaborative and Professional:

We understand the needs of our clients and create a collaborative client team while acting with the utmost integrity all the times.

Powered by excellence and trust:

 We are determined to provide quality and excellence for our clients.

Fast and adaptive:

We understand short deadlines our clients face on today’s competitive and compelling market, and we always deliver swift results.

Working with an experienced team you know:

Our client teams can advise across a range of practice areas, so our clients work with (only) experienced lawyers they know.

Legal and Commercial Expertise Combined:

Our interdisciplinary approach ensures a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, allowing us to deliver solutions that excel in both commercial viability and legal robustness.

Simplifying legal work for clients:

Our clients trust us with their challenges, and we see them as our own.