Banking, Finance and FinTech

At Solak & Partners, our approach to Banking Finance and Fintech is defined by our multidisciplinary expertise, ensuring we deliver forward-thinking legal advice across the full spectrum of financial and technological innovation. We blend our deep knowledge of financial regulations with a keen insight into the tech sector, providing our clients with robust, strategic solutions.


Work Descriptions:

  • Advise on regulatory compliance and risk management in the fintech sector, navigating complex legal frameworks to safeguard innovations.
  • Structure and negotiate finance transactions, ensuring they are executed efficiently and in compliance with all regulatory requirements; specifically, including e-money and payment, banking, financial services and virtual asset regulations.
  • Advise on blockchain area, virtual asset service provider activities and token offerings.
  • Offer guidance on intellectual and industrial property law to protect and maximize the value of technological advancements.
  • Support startups and established financial institutions in capital markets activities, from public offerings to private placements.
  • Assist in data protection and cybersecurity matters, ensuring clients’ operations align with current laws and best practices.
  • Assist in KYC and AML proceeses and compliance.


Sample Representative Experiences:

  • Counseled a fintech startup on licensing process for electornic money and payment licenses with Central Bank of Türkiye, addressing regulatory hurdles and securing necessary approvals.
  • Facilitated a corporations adoption of blockchain technology, including IP protection strategies and compliance with financial regulations.
  • Advised a banking software provider on its multinational licensing, implementation and maintenance agreements with some of the largest financial institutions in the world.
  • Advised on the establishment of a virtual asset non-custodial wallet platform, incorporating complex cross-border legal considerations.
  • Advised on 3 of the largest crypto token offerings made in Türkiye, including stablecoins and fan tokens.
  • Advised largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms related to regulatory and compliance issues they face in Türkiye.
  • Advised a crowdfunfing platform with their legal needs, including their compliance with Capital Markets Law.