Competition Law

At Solak & Partners, our expertise in Competition Law is focusing on ensuring our clients not only comply with competition regulations but also harness them to gain a strategic market advantage. We provide cutting-edge legal advice to navigate the complexities of competition law, fostering innovation and competitive practices with a specific focus on technology sector.


Work Descriptions:

  • Advise on compliance with competition laws, including antitrust issues, market dominance, and merger controls, ensuring strategic market participation.
  • Represent clients in competition law investigations and disputes, defending their interests against allegations of anti-competitive practices.
  • Provide strategic counsel on merger and acquisition transactions, conducting thorough competition law due diligence and securing regulatory approvals.
  • Offer guidance on the development and implementation of competition compliance programs, minimizing risks and promoting ethical business practices, created training programs for employees including sales, marketing and management teams.
  • Analyze market practices and agreements for potential competition law risks, offering proactive solutions to maintain compliance.


Sample Representative Experiences:

  • Guided a leading tech company through a complex merger, revewing for approval from competition authorities and ensuring compliance with competition laws.
  • Represented a client in a landmark competition law investigation related to employment related competition concerns.
  • Developed a comprehensive competition compliance program for a multinational corporation, enhancing its market practices andcompliance with competition laws; including employee trainings.
  • Reviewed partnership, referral, resale and strategic software development agreements with respect to compliance with competition law.