Corporate and Commercial Law

At Solak & Partners, our Corporate and Commercial Law practice is built on a foundation of exceptional legal acumen and a deep understanding of the business landscape. We offer bespoke advice that encompasses the full range of corporate activities, ensuring legal precision and strategic foresight in all endeavors.


Work Descriptions:

  • Deliver comprehensive advice on corporate governance, helping clients establish and maintain effective governance structures.
  • Guide businesses through the complexities of commercial contracts, from negotiation to execution and enforcement.
  • Provide strategic counsel on corporate restructuring and business model transformations to enhance efficiency and compliance.
  • Advise on the legal implications of commercial decisions, ensuring they align with corporate objectives and legal requirements.
  • Support clients in navigating the legal aspects of domestic and international trade, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Sample Representative Experiences:

  • Led the legal team in a corporate restructuring for a multinational corporation, enhancing operational efficiency and global compliance.
  • Negotiated and drafted a suite of commercial agreements for a tech company’s expansion into new markets, addressing legal and regulatory challenges.
  • Advised on the establishment of a joint venture between two leading companies, facilitating collaboration while protecting individual interests.
  • Provide advice on corporate documentation, general assembly and board decisions.
  • Advised on corporate governence and liabilities of board members.