Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Solak & Partners is recognized for its strategic approach to Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, prioritizing amicable solutions while prepared to assertively represent our clients’ interests in contentious situations. Our team combines deep legal knowledge with a pragmatic approach to dispute resolution, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Work Descriptions:

  • Provide legal support in commercial disputes, leveraging our expertise to resolve conflicts efficiently and effectively.
  • Represent clients in arbitration and mediation, managing proceedings with a focus on achieving favorable, timely resolutions.
  • Advise on litigation strategy for commercial disputes, including intellectual property, contractual disagreements, and regulatory compliance issues.
  • Offer preventative advice to minimize the risk of disputes, including contract review and compliance assessments.
  • Navigate complex cross-border disputes, coordinating with international partners to protect our clients’ interests globally.


Sample Representative Experiences:

  • Achieved a favorable settlement in a high-stakes intellectual property dispute for a tech company, preserving its competitive edge.
  • Achieved a favorable decision on a FinTech companies’ dispute with a Turkish regulatory authority.
  • Advised on cases such as board of directors’ member’s liability, dissolution of a company and complex corporate disputes.
  • Successfully represented a client in international conflict related to a cryptocurrency exchange’s insolvency process and the related disputes with their own clients, resolving a significant commercial dispute with 10+ large account clients.
  • Advised a multinational corporation on dispute avoidance strategies in a series of international transactions, reducing potential legal risks.