Who we are?

Following undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education in law in Turkey's leading universities, and minor, double major and second major education in economics, informatics and international relations, we worked in leading law firms and international consultancy firms with foreign partners. We specialize in different areas of law, mainly in the fields of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, international arbitration and litigation, finance, energy, technology and retail. In 2017, we launched Solak & Partners Law Firm with the passion and vision of making a difference with an innovative perspective in the legal sector.

Since our establishment, we have aimed to change the business model in the legal sector.

Using the power of our adaptability; We have worked in innovative, unstudied areas, we have walked in areas that do not even have paths yet, and we have opened roads. With the difference brought about by our analytical thinking ability, we have become a leading office in a short time, especially in the field of technology law. We have worked with Turkey's leading technology incubators and technology companies. Due to the evolving need and demand, we turned to cryptoasset and blockchain law. We have played a leading role in the development of crypto-asset and blockchain law in Turkey, not only with our success in practice, but also with our academic publications, trainings, seminars and public-private partnerships.

We are the law firm of the digital age that combines innovation with law.

Today, we wholeheartedly believe that it is possible to provide legal services in a modern, effective and high quality way, apart from conventional methods, and we are trying to achieve this. By deeply understanding the work of our clients, we produce result-oriented, fast solutions. We serve our clients at an international level with our expert lawyers and consultants who are growing day by day in the fields of technology and blockchain, company mergers and acquisitions, international arbitration, finance, family owned companies, entrepreneurship and energy. We are honored to become the recommended and exemplary law firm in a short time with the quality of our business results and the value we add to our clients.

We believe in a culture of equality and sharing.

The fact that more than 50% of the lawyers in our law firm are women, and the egalitarian and value-based working culture we have created is our greatest source of pride. We support the development of the sector and Turkish companies, specially in the field of technology, crypto and blockchain law, with 100+ pro bono trainings and seminars we give at universities and international conferences, mentorships we make in Turkey's leading technopolis and incubation centers, webinars we attended as invited speakers.

We do our job with great passion.

We continue to grow confidently in the sector with our dynamic structure and service quality that provides one-to-one service to all our clients at the highest level.