Labor, Employment and Immigration Law

At Solak & Partners, we bring a sophisticated understanding of Labor Law to the table, offering bespoke legal services that protect our clients’ interests while fostering a positive work environment. Our team provides comprehensive advice on employment matters, ensuring that clients navigate the complexities of labor law with ease and confidence with a special focus on technology firms.


Work Descriptions:

  • Draft and review employment contracts, policies, and handbooks, ensuring they meet legal standards and business needs.
  • Advise on labor relations, including labor disputes.
  • Guide clients through the intricacies of employment law compliance, including work hours, wages, benefits regulations.
  • Represent clients in employment disputes, from administrative proceedings to litigation, protecting their interests with expert legal advocacy.
  • Assist in managing workforce restructuring, layoffs, and terminations, ensuring legal compliance and mitigating risks.
  • Advise on employment law matters in M&A processes.
  • Assist in work permits for international employeees.


Sample Representative Experiences:

  • Successfully represented a corporation in labor dispute resolutions, minimizing liability and maintaining workforce harmony.
  • Developed comprehensive employment policies for a multinational company, aligning global practices with local legal requirements.
  • Guided a client through a complex workforce restructuring, including layoffs and terminations, with a focus on compliance and minimizing legal exposure.
  • Advised on employment law processes on a multinational M&A process.
  • Assisted various client employees’ with their work permit processes in Türkiye.