Real Estate, Construction and Engineering Law

Real Estate, Construction and Engineering Law Given that the construction and engineering sector is rapidly growing in recent years, Solak & Partners team had extended its operations by providing full range of consultancy services to business and project owners, investors, contractors and sub-contractors. Accordingly, Solak & Partners provides legal support from drafting initial contracts to post-construction deals. Our services also include zoning, financing and securitization details. S&P team represents clients on various transactions regarding real estate transactions. The extensive and longstanding experience in real estate matters enables S&P team to provide tailor-made analysis on the matter at hand through carefully limiting exposure to taxes and regulatory issues. In this respect, S&P advises clients in all types of real estate transactions including construction projects, real estate development, planning, property tax, residential and commercial development, and urban regeneration projects. Solak & Partners has a deep and broad knowledge and experience regarding FIDIC Contracts.