Technology Law and Software Solutions

Solak & Partners is at the forefront of Technology Law, offering cutting-edge legal solutions that reflect the pace of innovation in the IT and software sectors. Our team leverages comprehensive legal expertise to ensure our clients’ technological advancements are fully protected and strategically positioned for success.


Work Descriptions:

  • Provide legal counsel on the development, protection, and commercialization of technology, including patents, trademarks, and copyright.
  • Guide clients through the legal aspects of digital transformation and e-commerce initiatives.
  • Provide legal advise with extensive experience on complex licensing, SaaS and implementation contracts.
  • Navigate data protection and privacy regulations, advising on compliance strategies that protect client interests while fostering innovation.
  • Structure technology transactions, including licensing agreements, development agreements, and strategic partnerships.
  • Offer dispute resolution and litigation support for technology-related conflicts.


Sample Representative Experiences:

  • Assisted a tech company in licensing a novel software solution, ensuring comprehensive protection and commercial strategy.
  • Advised on licensing, implemtation and maintenance agreements for software solutions amounting to USD 50M+ value last year.
  • Lead launch of an mobile and web application for subscription management, including advice on user agreements, data protection documentation, compliance with Turkish and EU law.
  • Advised on a strategic partnership between a software giant and a tech startup, focusing on shared technology development and IP rights.
  • Developed a compliance program for a multinational corporation to navigate new data protection requirements for its online platforms.
  • Drafted SaaS licensing contracts for a banking software and lead negotiations with financial institutions.